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Ken Suazo - President
(619) 532-1099

Ken Suazo is currently the Accounting Officer for Commander Navy Region Southwest in San Diego, Ca. Prior to that; he worked for Comptroller Department at Naval Station San Diego. Before working for the Navy he worked for Defense Commissary Agency Southwest (DeCA-SW). He also has worked for Morale, Welfare and Recreation Division Marketing Department at Marine Corps Recruit Depot. He has worked in Federal Service for 26 plus years including on active duty in the US Navy aboard USS Ranger. During his DoD career, he has volunteered many times to support ASMC San Diego and currently serves on the executive board in his second term as Chapter President, prior to that he held the position of Administrative Vice President for 4 years as well as during various ASMC PDI’S held in Anaheim, CA in 2012 he served on the Hospitality Committee; San Diego in 2006 he served as the Co-Chair of Special Events Committee and in 1999 served on the Administration Committee. He earned his degree in Accounting from Mesa College in San Diego, Ca. He is also a Certified Defense Financial Manager (CDFM) earning it September 13, 2008. Ken first joined ASMC in 1996 and is currently an active member.

Brenda Meyer - Executive Vice President
(619) 553-6592

Brenda Meyer is currently the Department Business Financial Manager for the Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance/Information Operations (ISR/IO) Department at Spawar Systems Center – Pacific in San Diego, CA. She has more than 20 plus years of finance experience. She started her financial career as a government contractor and later transitioned into federal government. Brenda has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from San Diego State University and the University of Phoenix and has been the Executive Vice President for the past four years. Prior to becoming Exec VP, Brenda was the Chairperson for the Chapter’s Charity. She is passionate about doing volunteer work in the San Diego Community and volunteer’s her time at the Ronald McDonald House, Veteran’s Stand Down Day, and Fisher House. My goal is to provide our members information and training that will help them to become the best financial leaders of tomorrow.

Sherry Major - Administrative Vice President
(619) 553-6592

Sherry has 31 years of Federal Service experience working in various fields and currently works in the Accounting Branch for Navy Region Southwest. Her experience in Federal Service has afforded her the opportunities of working with many teams at all levels. She is an advocate of networking and practices by volunteering her services as needed. She joined ASMC to grow and develop personally and professionally and ASMC San Diego has not failed her with either. She has served on the board since 1999 at all positions with the exception of a few. She continues to encourage all chapter members to be active and contribute their talents between their commands, organizations and their communities. ASMC is a great organization with great people and education opportunities. She enjoys networking with the speakers and members from various commands and organizations. She challenges current members to be more active in ASMC San Diego and serve as a board member or on a committee.

Patty Finnell - Technology Vice President
(619) 532-4823

Patty has worked in the Comptroller/Financial arena her whole civilian career (almost 23 years) starting as a timekeeper at Naval Station San Diego, then travel clerk, Lead Accounting Technician, Budget Analyst, Accounting Officer of Naval Station Everett and now Financial Analyst for Navy Region Southwest San Diego. Her main duties are funds control and BRAC. She's been a member of ASMC since 1994 and started as Newsletter Editor in 2008.

Mike Ortiz - Secretary
(619) 553-4434

Mike began working at SPAWAR System Center, Pacific (SSC PAC) October 2001. He is currently the Lead Accountant for Plant Property at SPAWAR Pacific. He is also the SSC PAC Core Trainer for the Asset Management module for the N-ERP conversion. Before SSC PAC, he previously worked for DCAA (Santa Ana and San Diego offices) as an Auditor for 11 years and at DFAS Seaside as a Vendor Pay Accountant for 3 years. Mike has been a member of the ASMC San Diego Chapter since Oct. 2001 and was SSC PAC ASMC representative before becoming the Secretary.

Reshi Constant - Treasurer
(619) 524-7256


Jacqueline Yelder - Assistant Treasurer
(619) 532-2702


Helen M. Profeta - National Chapter Representative
(619) 532-1114

My name is Helen M. Profeta, your new National Chapter Representative. I currently work at Navy Region Southwest as a Financial Management Analyst in the Accounting division. This is my first position on the ASMC board and I am looking forward to working with you all. We need to expand more and reach out for those personnel that can assist us to be stronger and develop a cohesive relationship of strength. Relationships are not made in heaven; they are made here in ASMC! They can last long, perhaps for a lifetime. It all depends on those making the relationships and yet, come to think of it, you will never know the real “he” or “she” unless you have them join the ASMC. We need to reach out with willing hands in the spirit of cooperation and fellowship. The more members we have the stronger we become. I am willing to work with all the command reps to increase attendance at luncheons and make the reservation procedures simpler. I am also working to indentify commands which do not have command reps and on new luncheon venues for our monthly meetings. I am interested in any suggestions you might have.

Allyson Dopwell - CDFM Co-Chair
(619) 553-5059


Nicolle Dawson - CDFM Co-Chair
(619) 553-2956

Nicolle is a born and raised San Diegan and currently a Project Business Financial Manager at SSC Pacific. She started her career in 2006 as a Student Aid/ Intern and received her BS in Business Administration-Accounting from SDSU in 2010. She manages finances for multiple projects within the ISR/IO Maritime Systems Division and is the department information sharing team lead. Nicolle received her CDFM this year (Jan 2016) and is excited to share her recently acquired knowledge. She believes that, and her enthusiasm for personal development, will be helpful to those looking to earn their CDFM. She joined the ASMC for networking and career enhancement and is happy to serve on the board as CDFM co-chair.

Meghann Stastny - Charity Co-Chair
(619) 553-2566


Merlinda Medina - Charity Co-Chair
(619) 553-1299


Veronica Alarid - Photographer


Jenny Giang - Scholarship Chair
(619) 553-2406

I am currently an Accountant at SPAWAR System Center, Pacific (SSC-PAC). I had previously been a Financial Management Analyst for Corporate Budget at SSC-PAC for 13 years. Prior to working for SSC PAC, I was a DoD contractor as a Budget Analyst providing various types of financial support to SSC-PAC for 4 years. Also, I was Office Automation for Shipbuilding Conversion and Repair (SUPSHIP) at Naval Base San Diego for 1 ½ years. In 1995, I earned my Bachelor of Science in Business from the San Diego State University, specializing in Accounting. I recently graduated from the Naval Postgraduate School, Graduate School of Business and Public Policy, with an Executive Masters of Business Administration (EMBA). I've been a member of the ASMC San Diego Chapter since 2003 and have been CDFM-A certified since 2010. At the 2012 PDI in Anaheim, I served as a Hospitality volunteer.

Letty Soto - Special Assistant
(619) 553-8035

I started working at SPAWAR Systems Center, Pacific (SSC-PAC) February 1985. I started in the Typing Pool program, as a clerk. I have been at SSC-PAC for about 30 years and have held different jobs, such as Branch Assistant, Division Assistant. I have seen lots of changes through the years here at SSC-PAC. I started working in the Financial Management Field in 2005 and have been enjoying working with data calls, putting together reports for the Unmanned Systems Science & Technology / Unmanned Systems Advanced Development (The Robotics Group). I joined the ASMC 3 years ago and I have enjoyed all the events that the ASMC puts together. Outside work, I like to spend time with the family and enjoy playing with my grandson.

Michael Hoover - Special Assistant
(619) 524-2354

I was born and raised in beautiful San Diego California. I attended San Diego State University where I earn my BA in Arts and Science in Graphic Design. While attending school, I started working as a Student Aid for SPAWAR HQ in the Military Personal Department. Once graduated from college I was hired to work for SPAWAR System Center as an Assistant for Department 40, then a Buyer for the Contracts Department 20. Finally in May 2015 I became a Project Business Financial Manager for the ISR Division Code 562, CAO 56R20. A challenging and rewarding position, I am learning something new every day. The reason I joined the ASMC Chapter as the Special Assistant was to get involved with the finical community. My goal is to learn as much as I can to become financial leaders, so that one day I can provide information and training to future ASMC members. I enjoy spending time with my love ones especially my funny two year old little boy who keeps me on my toes.

Evelyn Mahoney - Special Events Coordinator
(619) 553-1737

Evelyn was born and raised in San Diego California. Attended Mesa College for two years. While attending school, found a job working for NOSC as a Librarian. After many miscellaneous positions in civil service, I finally found a financial position that was very challenging and rewarding. I am currently a Lead Project Business Financial Manager for the ISR Division Code 562, CAO 56R20. I’ve been working in this division for more than five years and a total of 31 years with DOD I enjoy working with my teammates. My goal is to become a mentor for my working group and to leave a legacy for others to follow.
Qualifications: During the last two years, was appointed Special assistant to the ASMC San Diego Chapter President. Worked closely with all board members to assist in whatever was needed and helped to organize charity events for the calendar year. Have had various experiences organizing parties, gatherings, social events and festivities at church, home and work. Hosted the charity events for the Alpha project, Fisher House and Veterans Stand Down Day. I am very outgoing, easy to get along, professional in every aspect and love people. I am a dedicated member of ASMC and would like this opportunity to continue serving our ASMC Chapter as the Special Events Coordinator.

VACANT - Sponsorship Chair